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Aptitude Career Solutions has been a leading Singapore-based provider of specialised staffing and recruitment solutions since its establishment in 2000. By utilising our years of experience together with professional assessment tools and evaluation processes, we provide staffing solutions that help to increase profit potential and enable growth within your business.

  • Who We Are


    Aptitude Career Solutions is led by nine recruitment executives from diverse vocational backgrounds, each bringing their unique insights and knowledge to the staffing field. We come together as a strong and efficient team that caters to your hiring needs by harnessing skills and proficiencies that include Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting, Consulting, Networking, Human Resources, Communication and Leadership.

  • Our Unique and Innovative Philosophy


    Aptitude Career Solutions embraces an ‘unboxed’ approach to thinking about recruitment. We break from traditional standards and norms to provide an approach to staffing that strives to be unique and innovative. We don’t assess our candidates generically, but rather we endeavour to objectively evaluate their skills and strengths.

    At Aptitude Career Solutions, we operate as an integral part of your business, getting familiar with each clients’ needs and expectations to better provide candidates that are ideal specifically for your company. We work diligently and consistently to maintain this philosophy and we never hesitate to invest extensive time and resources for our clients.

    When you require staffing and recruitment solutions, look no further than Aptitude Career Solutions.

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