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Aptitude Career Solutions provides specialised staffing and recruitment solutions to businesses seeking single or multiple employees for hire. We source qualified and experienced candidates as potential employees for businesses operating in sectors such as Accounting, Banking, Financing, IT, Marketing and Technology.

Our staffing services are built around an evaluation procedure for candidates that include a thorough assessment and interview process. We identify suitable candidates and pass their profiles onto our clients for consideration as potential employees.

Our Evaluation Process

Our evaluation processes endeavour to objectively measure the skills and strengths of each candidate using careful assessment tools and stringent methods. At Aptitude Career Solutions, we take pride in our tried-and-tested approach. Over the years, our evaluation process has succeeded in helping connect our many clients with suitable potential employees.

Here’s a closer look at the methods used in our three-tier evaluation process:

Assessment Stage: Our assessment process involves detailed background checks, a stringent verification of a candidates’ qualifications and technical experience, and checking for a host of other eligibility criteria.

Interview Stage: Once we determine the suitability of prospective candidates, we arrange an interview consisting of both critical and personal questions crafted to judge their character, enthusiasm, reliability and integrity.

Confirmation Stage: Following the interview process, we narrow the pool of suitable candidates who best fit the respective job position and pass their profiles onto our clients for consideration as potential employees.

When you require staffing and recruitment solutions, look no further than Aptitude Career Solutions.

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